Rev Beomyeol Seo

Rev Beomyeol Seo is a Cross Mission missionary from South Korea and serves Cross Mission Church as a co-worker. He is good at making various types of balloon which is useful for children evangelism. He has a great desire to boldly proclaim the gospel. He used to be an actor until God called him into ministry. In 2011, he came to the UK for a short-term mission trip in which God gave him a big heart for Britain. Since then, he decided to come to the UK to preach the gospel. He is married to Hyeonsuk Heo with a grown-up son who is in a theological college in South Korea to prepare for a missionary.

Preacher at Gwangmyeong Full Gospel Church

MA in Theology at Full Gospel Youngsan Graduate School of Theology

BA in Theology Rhythm and Praise at Full Gospel Young San Theological Seminary


 Rev Bokman Lee

Rev Bokman Lee is a Cross Mission missionary sent by The Truth & the Life Presbyterian Church in South Korea. It was a spiritual and broken heart for the declined churches in the UK that urged him to come over here when he studied English in London in 2006. Ever since he has tried to do his best to find a way to come to the UK. Sadly, nobody gave him an attention to his burning heart for British people. He had the door slammed in his face by many people like pastors, a principle of a theological college whenever he sought after a way to come here. However, our Lord prepared a way for him through Cross Mission for the first time in more than his 10 years’ desperate searching during which he prayed to God to open the door.  And now his zeal for sound doctrines and preaching the word of God drive him not only to street preaching with a wooden cross in the streets of the UK but also expository preaching in the pulpit, which he has just begun being trained. He is married to Yujung Shin (her English name is June) with three little boys, Yoel, Yireh, and Nael.  

Co-worker at Cross Mission Church in Newport

Assistant pastor at Kyung Hyang Church

Assistant pastor at Sung Moon Church

Assistant pastor at Immanuel Church

Assistant pastor at New Malden Korean Church

BA in Theology at Anyang National University in South Korea

MDv in Theology at Korea Theological Seminary