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Mission Journey with Haneulbit Woori Church (Aug 6th ~ 12th)

by Cross Mission

하늘빛 우리 교회와 함께 한 단기 선교 (8월 6~12일) 이도현, 이혜란 (시우,시찬) 선교사를 파송한 하늘빛 우리 교회에서 선교의 열정을 가지시고 영국 땅으로 오셨습니다. 장거리 여행으로 힘드셨을텐데도, 전혀 티 내지 않으시고 오히려 저희를 반갑게 맞아주시며 그리스도의 사랑을 보여주셨습니다. Haneulbit Woori Church (who sent Dohyun, Hyeran with Siwoo and Sichan as their missionaries to the UK) came to the UK with passion of mission. It must have been so hard flying 12 hours from Korea but their faces were full of joy because of love in Christ. 하루를 쉬신 후, 뉴포트에서 그리고 그 다음 날에는 브리스톨로 전도의 여정들을 이어갔습니다. 때로는 비가 와서 처마 밑에서 찬양도 부르고, 전도지도 나누어주시고 영어가 가능하신 분들은 개인에게 접근하시며 그리스도의 복음을 전하셨습니다. They started their evangelism journey in […]

Mission Journey with Incheon CCC Team, 8th~16th July 2019

by Cross Mission

인천 CCC와 함께 한 단기 선교 여행  (2019년 7월 8~16일) 너무나도 귀하고 신실한 20명의 인천 CCC 대학생 순장 지체들과 크로스 미션 선교사들이 7월 8일부터 16일까지 예수 그리스도의 복음을 외치고 전했습니다. 모든 젊은 지체들은 온 마음과 힘을 다해 예수 그리스도의 발자취를 따라 걸었습니다. 20 sincere and faithful university students (with 2 leaders), who are group leaders of Incheon CCC ([Incheon : a city in South Korea] Campus Crusade for Christ), joined cross mission and proclaimed the good news of Jesus Christ from 8th till 16th of July. These young people followed the steps of Jesus with all their hearts and with all their strengths.  인천 CCC 지체들과 크로스 미션 선교사들은 매일 매일을 새벽 기도로 시작했습니다. 날마다 하나님께 하나님의 능력과 사랑을 덧입기를 […]

Evangelism in Coventry 4th June 2018

by Cross Mission

 Cross Mission went to Coventry to preach the gospel. There was persecution, yet our Lord was great in helping us to distribute many tracts to many souls. We especially give thanks to Rev Oh and his wife and assistant pastor of  Coventry Korean Church who fed us with wonderful food. We had a beautiful fellowship with them. Please pray for Coventry where God will raise evangelists for His kingdom. Please remember in your prayer Rev Goh, a Cross Mission missionary who is willing to regularly visit Coventry to preach the gospel with some people from Coventry Korean Church. Please pray for healing of Rev Oh who is unwell at the moment that he may preach the gospel boldly inside and […]

Evangelism in Bristol

by Cross Mission

We preached the gospel in Bristol in the morning on Thursday 24th May 2018.  We handed out many tracts for Trinity Church Bristol and two people who lives in London and visited to work in Bristol received Christ though there was a man who really interrupted us while Rev James Lee preached to them. Hallelujah! God is good. 

Manchester Outreach 31 April to 2 May 2018

by Cross Mission

Cross Mission have been to Manchester to preach the gospel. Our Lord poured out His blessing upon us as we carried the crosses and preached the gospel. On the first day, 8 people received Christ as their Lord and the second day, another 8 people received Christ. Hallelujah! Our Lord is the Living God who can change people’s lives with the power of the gospel.