Cross Mission Preaching School has been founded to train missionaries and any British people, who are interested in being preachers, to be practically equipped to preach confidently and boldly the expository preaching in English at the church services and to preach the gospel in English in the streets of the UK. CM Preaching School can be a hub for missionaries from all over the world to be trained before going to the fields.


  • The aim is to help CM missionaries not only improve their English in pronunciation, reading, writing and listening, and also equip them with biblically sound tools for expository preaching in order for them to preach the gospel in a biblically sound and capable English manner.
  • By 2022, CM Preaching School will be empowered with formidable lecturers who are Holy Spirit empowered preachers and passionate evangelists.
  • By 2022, the number of students including CM missionaries and those belonging to other missionary organisations and British minister candidates will be over 30.
  • By 2023, those being trained will be sent to plant five churches or to help local churches with a partnership between CM missionaries and local ministers.  
  • By 2030, CM Preaching School will be internationally recognised and recruit over 50 students from South West England, South Wales, and Midland.
  • By 2030, ten churches can be planted.