1) Lecture on preaching

Led by Rev. Carl for a half hour to explain how to make a sermon from a weekly given Bible text (Hand-outs will be given to trainees weekly).  Rev. Carl is an excellent and gospel-centred enthusiastic preacher who studied at Oxford University and was trained in the Church of England.


2) Preaching Practice for the first period (three months)

  • Reading out the prepared sermon paper before the three pastors,
  • After reading out it evaluation and correction of pronunciation, grammar and contents will be given to him,
  • Each trainee is prepared to read out his sermon paper 10 times every day.


3) Preaching practice for the second period (three months)

  • Reading out the prepared sermon paper by a half-looking and half-memorising way,
  • After the practice the same evaluation and correction will be given to him,
  • The same preparation of reading out his sermon 10 times every day should be required.


4) Preaching practice for the third period (three months)

  • Speaking out the prepared the sermon without looking at his paper at all,
  • After the practice the evaluation will be given to him,
  • He is prepared to memorise his sermon before the practice


5) Elementary Level on Preaching School

  • Self-preparation on a 5 minutes sermon on the weekly given Bible text within a piece of A4 paper for the first, second and third period (from 9 months to a year)


6) Upper Level on preaching school

  • Self-preparation on a 20-25 minutes sermon on the weekly given Bible text within 4-5 pieces of A4 paper for the next period (9 months to a year)


7) The first correction of English grammar and writing of the prepared sermon

  • At 11-12 am Mondays each week in Cross Mission church, led by Rev. James Lee & ILHO Choi


8) Attending Senior Pastor’s Conference in Proclamation Trust

  • An opportunity to learn expository preaching.
  • Practicing sermons on the given texts,
  • Receiving attendants’ advice on the topic, structure, contents, attitude of the sermons


9) Opportunity to preach in the various churches in UK

  • After two years’ training, we will arrange them to preach in churches in order to proclaim the gospel.


Homework for each week

  1. Reading the Bible text aloud as many times as possible (about 3-5 times a day)
  2. Listening to Mark’s Gospel and sermons preached by Paul Washer, George Whitefield, and Charles Spurgeon daily and summarize each sermon with main points for each week.
  3. Preparing for a 5-minutes sermon from the text given by Rev Carl Bicknell by Monday, being English checked and reading aloud the sermon script as many as possible daily for the next class.


Date 5 Minutes Talk Listening Reading
10th May Introduction about yourself  

Mark’s Gospel read by David Suchet uploaded on Youtube by St Paul’s London once a day for the first two weeks


Mark 1
17th May Overview of Mark’s Gospel Mark 2
24th May Mark 1:12-15  

Mark’s Gospel ready by David Suchet uploaded on Youtube by Solilska once a day for the third and fourth weeks


Mark 3
31st May Mark 1:21-28 Mark 4
7th June Mark 1:40-45 Paul Washer – “Shocking Message” on Youtube

Listen to the sermon everyday and summarize the sermon with main points and bring it in the next class.

Mark 5


Mark 2:1-12 Charles Spurgeon Sermon – Heaven and Hell on Youtube Mark 6
21st June Mark 2:13-17 Do you really know Him? Do you really know Jesus Christ? Charles Spurgeon on Youtube Mark 7-8
28th June Mark 2:18-22 Paul Washer Do you truly know the Lord? Powerful Sermon on Youtube Mark 9-10
5th July Mark 3:1-6 Paul Washer – Do you see God working on your life? on Youtube Mark 11-12


Mark 3:7-21 Marks of a true Conversion – George Whitefield Sermon    on Youtube Mark 13-14